So what does Guiide do?

Put simply, there are plenty of tools which tell pension savers if they take A each year, earn B returns, their pots will last for C years.

For almost everyone these offer no practical help, as nearly everyone has other income or savings to put towards retirement.

Included in these are State Pensions, Final Salary pensions, ISA savings and part time work for example. Some of these are taxable, some are not.

Our tool is the only fully holistic planning tool that can be used directly by individuals without expert input.

Our tool answers the one question pension savers actually want answered, "How do I use everything I have, to get the after tax income I want in retirement?".

You can visit the Guiide website for much more detail and to try it for yourself.

Our users

Our user engagement rates are fantastic. Around two thousand new users complete a journey each month. These journey completers input around £600m in new pension pot assets each month.

This allows us to gain detailed analytics on how they interact with our journey, saving levels, other pension income and retirement needs. It also allows polls to understand what they are looking for in specific pension products.

A high level overview of these analytics are shown in our analytics page.

How can you benefit?

For those wishing to help their members and employees

Our journey and tools including all our provider and advice referral partners is available for your scheme members or employees at no cost. We can set up a simple employer or scheme landing page for your members to use.

Specific tailored versions can be easily accommodated to your own specification with:

  • Removal of all referral provider partners
  • Custom redesign and calculation tools to match your benefit designs or specific requests
  • Addition of our vetted general adviser pool for a complete guidance and advice service

New features and developments are added constantly, including our soon to be released unique Dashboard and Track functionality.

For providers and other referral partners

If you have an offering or product which we agree can help our users, or save them costs, we can add this to our marketplace. This can be done via a simple link to a landing page of your design and a referral agreement.

Our reviews

We currently enjoy an excellent rating on Trustpilot from our users, here are some of their reviews.

The only pension calculator that takes into account savings and pension pots as well as the requirement to put aside and secure a savings pot... excellent, clear, practical approach giving you year by year drawdowns seeing how your pension and savings are affected each year.

Kodakgirl Trust Pilot 5 Star rating

I'm a professional trustee and pensions lawyer. This is the best software I have seen on the internet to help people understand their financial position with regard to pensions and investments. It is far superior to anything being provided by insurance companies and IFAs.

Adam Bushby Trust Pilot 5 Star rating

Simple to use and, if I’d known about it sooner, I’d have saved hours producing a spreadsheet to do the same thing! I particularly like the variable “what if” scenarios which enable you to test your future projection against adverse circumstances.

Richard Trust Pilot 5 Star rating