We can provide much more detailed anaytics on any inputs within our journey for any partner to allow them to understand their members/customers and their needs much better.

Our user polls

We frequently poll our users on questions such as below and can research any potential new product with our users for you, either via polls or embedded questions quickly and efficiently research any potential.

What is most important to you in choosing a pension provider?

  • A Low charges 42%
  • B Good site, app and planning tools 24%
  • C Well known brand name 19%
  • D Offers lots of investment choices 15%

Do you get enough help from your scheme / employer / provider with pension planning?

  • A None at all 48%
  • B Some but not enough 33%
  • C Yes everything I need 18%

If you are researching a new product, or simply want to know what your members want better then contact Philip Hodges philiph@guiide.co.uk or Kevin Hollister kevinh@guiide.co.uk to see how we can help.